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Bridging the gap between Classical theory & performance

These improvised performances are distilled ideas based on the possibilities of the Applied Improvisation Method  which I have derived. The goal of this theory is to create your own musical personality in any improvised performance based on the fundamentals of music theory - harmony, melody, rhythm and texture.

Applied Improvisation Series (For pianists)
  • Applied Improvisation Method  Volume I - III (2014)

  • Applied Improvisation for Adult Learners - Beginner to Intermediate (2017)

  • Applied Improvisation for Adult Learners - Intermediate to Advance (2018)

PPS - Informal Learning (1).jpg
Recent Research Publications
  • Tonal Organisation of Schubert's Three Piano Sonatas in Schenkerian Perspective (J.Wong, 2013)

  • Phrase Structure and Formal Functions in the Opening Themes of Tchaikovsky's Seasons op. 37b: Departure from Caplin's Archetypes. (J.Wong,2017)

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