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International MASTerclass Course


Teaching Approach


Through years of pedagogical studies and teaching experiences across Asia and Europe, I have developed a unique and effective method that provides pianists with both freedom and control in their playing. This holistic approach entails the an embodied and phenomenological approach as well as combining the philosophical concepts of Orff, Kodály, Dalcroze, Celibidache and analytical techniques of Heinrich Schenker.

What you'll learn from these courses:


-  Reimagine your musicality and performance

-  Release any unnecessary physical and mental tension

-  Develop enactive ways of connecting with music and your instrument

-  Adapt corrective and transformative methods for personal practice

-  Identify and exemplify 'musical meanings' for tone quality and sound (goal)

-  Deal with performance anxiety holistically through self reflection, self assessment and self organisation

- 8 lessons

- 45 minutes / lesson

- Up to 4 weeks to complete entire course (Live/online option)

- Applicable for scholarship*

- Copy of lesson recording will be provided

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon completion


 €1600 in total


Helsinki International Masterclass 


*Scholarships are available through video recording audition

- 5 lessons 

- 45 minutes per lesson

- 1 week course (Live/online option)

- Copy of lesson recording will be provided

Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon completion


€1200 in total


Helsinki Intensive Masterclass "Re-imagining Performance" 

NB:. Lessons are available online or live


International Masterclass Application Form

To register, please take the time to fill out all the information below.

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